Executive Committee Members

As a non-profit making organization, the Association is managed by an Executive Committee of 10-15 elected members, represented by a broad range of professions from different areas, such as human resources, engineering, banking, health service and quality management. The executive body is responsible for setting direction, planning and actual implementation of polices and functions of the Association.The Association also appointed several professionals as co-opt members to carry out special projects.

President, Executive Committees and Co-opt Member Lists (2020-2021)

Hon. President – Dr. CHAU ka Yin, Gavin

President – Dr. CHAN Man Wong, Mark

Chairman – Dr. LAM Kin Sun, Frankie

Vice Chairman – Mr. HO Long Chau, Charles

Hon. Secretary – Mr. FUNG Shun Choi, George

Hon. Treasurer – Mr. CHEUNG King Wu, Wood

Director of Academic/Training – Dr. LEUNG Wai Keung, Victor

Director of Consultancy – Dr. CHAN Yiu Wing, Sebastian

Director of Event – Ir. HO Kam Hong, Victor 

Director of Publication – Mr. WONG Tze Shing, Benson

Director of Marketing – Mr. CHENG Man Chi, Frankie

Director of Membership – Mr. CHAN Kwong Choi, Anthony

Director of IT. – Mr. LEE Kwong Chi, Alex

Director OF Function – Ir. Trevor CW TANG

Director of Training – Ir. WONG Yu Yan, George

Administrative Officer – Ms. FUNG Sin Kan, Can