RQM E-Course 2022

Course Description:

RQM program has come to the 14th Intake now. We have almost 100 graduates from this RQM programs. Apart from the wide recognitions from Mainland China and New Zealand, graduates learned practical quality improvement tools and knowledge for their day-to-day working after this training. This program is now delivered by e-learning format, ie, participants will study the entire program by his/her own pace and arrangement. Participants will find this program easy to manager.

Program Structure

This program consists of 5 modules consisting 2 units each. Each unit requires participant spending approx. 4 hours in watching the video and quiz, and 8 hours on reading materials provided and preparing for the end-of-unit test. When participant finished the course unit materials, participant will take the end-of-unit test. After marking the test, participant will be advised the “pass” grade and will obtain an attendance certificate. Participant can take any and all the modules. Depending on situations, face-to-face meeting and company visits may be arranged occasionally. After successfully completed all 5 modules, participant (for HKQMA members only) may consider for a written examination(open book) and submits a project and pass the Viva Exam (HK$3,000 and Registration Fee HK$750), he/she will be awarded Designation lettering RQM and qualified to apply for RQM of New Zealand Organization for Quality and China Association for Quality via HKQMA (membership and/or registration fees subject to individual associations).

Start your learning program at any time : https://www.hkqma.org/qualifications/