Free Webinar on 16 Aug. 2023

Speaker:Hiroshi Toyota

Founding Member of HK Recruitment Professional Association (HKRPA), Founder of Talentus and TalentGo, an experienced Recruiter with 13years of experience focusing in Retail and FMCG industry.
Hiro was born in Hong Kong and lived in Japan & New Zealand.. Hiroshi has 13 years of HR & Talent Acquisition experience focusing in the Consumer Retail & FMCG industry.
Hiro started as a Recruitment Consultant focusing on frontline recruitment and over the years he has progressed to developing his own team and is now running his own Recruitment firm supporting HR professionals in acquiring talents across the Luxury Retail / Consumer Retail, B2B and FMCG industry.
Online eCommerce and Offline Retail Sales & Operations | Travel Retail | Wholesale | Franchising & Licensing | Buying & Merchandising | Retail training | VM & Store Planning / Digital Marketing | Offline Marketing, PR & Events | VIP & Client Development | CRM | FMCG – Modern Trade, General Trade | After Sales Services & Customer Services