RPQE 註冊專業質量工程師(建築界)

Registered Professional Quality Engineer (Construction)

RPQE Course open for Application


  • HKQMA is the leading professional bodies for quality and engineering professionals;
  • HKQMA provides RPQE with a comprehensive and clear understanding of the quality management for construction industry;
  • RPQE aims to upgrade the standards of site supervision;
  • RPQE commits to supporting Construction Quality Management to become registered through HKQMA. This registration scheme helps RPQE to demonstrate their professional competence;
  • RPQE is able to improve their career prospects and use the logo in your email signature and business documents. RPQE will also be listed on our HKQMA online register which is widely used by employers to find Registered Professional Quality Engineers (Construction);
  • RPQE is expected to gain the key trends and professional judgments on the construction and quality management industries;
  • RPQE is capable to share the requisite quality knowledge and the construction management skills to pursue their career in the Construction Quality Management industry.

Will be able to

  • To be recognized as a competent Professional Quality Engineers;
  • To demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development;
  • To become part of our HKQMA network and gain a range of communication with professional peers to share challenges and market trends;
  • To connect with other RPQE online through our HKQMA;
  • To monitor project progress effectively to ensure achievement of project expectation;
  • To capable to carry out the construction quality audits and surveillance audits;
  • To formulate a comprehensive project task plans, such as Inspection and Test Plan, Quality Assurance Plan and Risk Assessment Reports;
  • To enhance the efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of construction works by implementation of digital works supervision system;
  • To keep abreast of the current development of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System under the Construction and Building Projects.

Please read the RPQE application guide before you apply.

RPQE Members

Membership No. Name
21051001Mr. Lei Ka Long, Nathan
21091002Mr. Ling Cheuk Fung
22081003Dr. Lam Kin Sun, Frankie
22121001Ir. Ho Kam Hong, Victor
22121005Ir. Wong Yu Yan, George
22121006Dr. Chan Man Wong, Mark
23101007Mr. Yuen Yu
23101008Mr. Cheung Man Fung
23101009Mr. Wong Chi Ching
23101010Mr. Ngai Yau Yat
23101011Mr. Lo Ching Kiu
23101012Mr. Chan To Wai