The coming training courses (CPD) of Dr. Victor Leung (Director of HKQMA) in May & June (Face-to-Face)

Organised by both HKQMA and SSI

With the COVID-19 outbreak and the current era of globalisation and significant economic reforms, it is imperative for us to maintain a competitive edge during the current employers demand for multi-skills in the short-term market. The following 4 courses may give you additional knowledge and skills to tackle the current job requirements, especially the digital transformation in companies.

  1. Case Approach In Current Leadership Skills (13 May 2021 evening)
    This is a short course using a real case in Hong Kong written by Dr. Leung who uses this in his Leading and managing in the workplace course in the University MSC program. By using this case to illustrate the 5-stage team development, conflicts handling, Group-think, and Abilene paradox. Details:
  1. Basic Knowledge Management (24 May 2021 evening)
    As Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Knowledge Management Development Centre, Dr. Leung is going to give a basic understanding of the knowledge management (KM). Why we need KM in an organization and yourself as an individual. Knowledge is Power, how we can learn to learn and gain the knowledge we needed. The KM Standard: ISO40301 and ISO9001:2015 in managing critical organizational knowledge will be explored. Details:
  1. Digi-talent and People Analytics (18 June 2021 evening)
    Recently, HR has evolved to a strategic role with a focus towards to the business imperatives of the organisation, there emerges a need for analytics which can transform HR data into valuable insights for better fact-based decision making. HR needs to help the organization digital transformation, but, how? A real case in Hong Kong may give you a reference. A new skill People Analytics will also be briefly introduced. Details:
  1. Problem-solving and Decision Making in Digital Era (28 July 2021 evening)
    Problem-solving skill is an important for managers at all levels in the current digital era. Participants will practise Problem-solving process, using tools for problem analysis, understanding the importance of Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, and
    Visual thinking in making sound decision. Details:

Courses provided by: Six Sigma Institute, Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Telephone: (852) 2581 2771. Website: OR For further information, you may contact Ms Can Fung of HKQMA at 25812210.