Knowledge Discovery – Data Mining and Big Data

18 & 25 May 2019

Data Analytics become a hype word in business and academic world. There is misunderstanding that data analytics or data mining is technical and difficult to implement. In fact, when you understand the process of data mining in this workshop, you will find the important skills not in technical but domain knowledge – how to define the problems and analyze the result of modelling.

1.     Understand Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Expert System and Machine Learning and their relationship in brief.

2.     Importance of data mining with sharing of my understanding or experience of the following cases/stories:

A.      The MIIDSS of Police Force, Hong Kong

B.      The use of Data Mining for Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013

C.      Detect Loss of market share

D.      Simple Home-made predictive modelling with Excel

3.     Briefly discuss Algorithms, and 2 basic functions of data mining: Association Rules (famous Supermarket Basket Analysis) and Classification (will this coming train delays?) by using Excel as exercises in hands-on workshop session.