“RPQE” Introduction

  1. • HKQMA is the leading professional bodies for quality and engineering professionals;
  2. • HKQMA provides RPQE with a comprehensive and clear understanding of the quality management for construction industry;
  3. • RPQE aims to upgrade the standards of site supervision.
  4. • RPQE commits to supporting Construction Quality Management to become registered through HKQMA. This registration scheme helps RPQE to demonstrate their professional competence;
  5. • RPQE is able to improve their career prospects and use the logo in your email signature and business documents. RPQE will also be listed on our HKQMA online register which is widely used by employers to find Registered Professional Quality Engineers (Construction);
  6. • RPQE is expected to gain the key trends and professional judgements on the construction and quality management industries; and
  7. • RPQE is capable to share the requisite quality knowledge and the construction management skills to pursue their career in the Construction Quality Management industry.