HKQMA ’RPQE‘ will be able

  1. • To be recognized as a competent Professional Quality Engineers;
  2. • To demonstrate commitment to continuing professional development;
  3. • To become part of our HKQMA network and gain a range of communication with professional peers to share challenges and market trends;
  4. • To connect with other RPQE online through our HKQMA
  5. • To monitor project progress effectively to ensure achievement of project expectation;
  6. • To capable to carry out the construction quality audits and surveillance audits;
  7. • To formulate a comprehensive project task plans, such as Inspection and Test Plan, Quality Assurance Plan and Risk Assessment Reports;
  8. • To enhance the efficiency of work supervision as well as the quality and safety of construction works by implementation of digital works supervision system; and
  9. • To keep abreast of the current development of the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System under the Construction and Building Projects.