Study Mission to LuoYang (洛陽) on 39th China Nation

Study Mission to KunMing on the 39th China National Quality Circle Convention(1-5 November 2017)

The Convention

The China National QC Convention is one of the renowned annual events being organized by the China Association for Quality (formerly known as China Quality Control Association).

Supported by the Government, QC activities are well established in China since 1978. Over the past 40 years, QC activities are widely spread from manufacturing to service sectors such as transportation, project construction, commerce, banking, post & telecommunications.  At present more than 1.7 million circles were registered with over 15 million people participating in QC activities. The cumulative economic return produced by QC activities reached RMB$8896 billion.The Convention attracted quality professionals/ pioneers and QC teams from various provinces and cities of China.






1 November 2017 HK –> KunMing


2 November 2017 Company Visit (to be confirmed)


3 November 2017 Participating in the 39th CNQC Convention

–  Opening Ceremony & Concurrent Sessions

–  Dinner with China Delegates


4 November 2017 Participating in the 39th CNQC Convention

–  Concurrent Sessions & Closing Ceremony

–  Farewell Party


5 November 2017 KunMing  –> HK


  1. Company Visit:To enable participants’ to benchmark the quality system in China.The final companies to be visited are subject to confirmation.
  2. Welcome Dinner: To enable participants to meet the senior delegates from China Association for Quality.
  3. Informal Social Gathering: An informal gathering will be arranged for participants to meet delegates from different trades of China.

Please click here for the details about 39th CNQCC. The 40th CNQCC is scheduled from 27 November to 1 December 2018. For more details, please click here.