Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services


  1. Any company with valid Business Registration can advertise position vacancy at the HKQMA website. Any party requesting to advertise position vacancy is hereinafter refer as the advertiser.

  2. All position vacancies must relate to quality control, quality assurance or management.

  3. Each corporate member can have 5 free advertisements every year and each Fellow Member can have 3 free advertisements. Additional advertisements will be charged at $100 each.

  4. Non-members will be charged at $100 each.

  5. Each advertisement will appear at the HKQMA website for at least one month.

  6. HKQMA reserves the right to accept / reject the request for advertisement.

  7. The advertiser will be fully responsible for the information advertised, HKQMA does not take the responsibility to verify the accuracy of data collected from the advertiser.


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